Return Policy

Hair is part art, part science. Our guests come in with their ideas of beautiful and their stylists seek to achieve that look to the best of their ability. A lot of work goes into each event, and sometimes it’s takes hours and even multiple visits because of the hair transformation required or pre-existing damage. In the end, if the desired result is not achieved, let the stylist know before you leave. If there’s an issue after let us know. Part of coming to us is consenting to letting us make sure you have the best product possible. That means you need to let us make the required adjustments. If something happened where you need to see another stylist then we can arrange that too in-salon. What we don’t do are automatic refunds on hair work. You need to let us make it right. The relationship between guest and stylist is a special one and requires trust on both sides to be effective. We’ll be direct with our capabilities, and our guests have to meet us in the middle by being forthright and prompt in their feedback so we can make your perfect look.

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