Contactless Root Touch-up

Contactless Root Touch-up

OK here’s how it all works


Step 1: Book

Send a PM to the Industry Facebook page with a phone number and Sam will call you back to go over the deatils and arrange a video consult if required, as well as the service date and time. Once the details are arranged and your appointment is booked, you can then send an Interac eTransfer of $99 to When we receive the transfer, your spot is confirmed and we’ll send you a link to the prep video and a release form that goes over some rules of applying professional colour.


Step 2: Prepare

You’ll want to watch the video all the way through once, and it will go over how to prepare yourself for the service. When Sam comes at the scheduled time you’ll need to be fully ready to start putting the colour on your head within a few minutes. Practice sectioning your hair so when the colour comes it wont be your first time. It’s very easy to get all the colour on your roots properly as long as you spend a few minutes practicing before your service.


Step 3: Apply

Make sure you’re all set and your hair is bone dry for the scheduled service time. As soon as Sam comes, she’ll drop off the package and ring the doorbell. Take the package to a place with lots of light and a mirror to start applying the colour. Playing the tutorial in the background while you are applying it also helps!! Sam will be right around the corner and available via FaceTime or phone to answer any questions as they come up. As soon as you finish, start a 45min timer. You need to start fully washing it out as per the tutorial instructions by then.

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